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Hitobuy Payment Method accept:

  • Paypal ------ (< 1000USD)

    Hitobuy Paypal account:
    Note: If the single amount over 1000USD,we have the right to inspect and hold this amount for 3-5 days paypal investigation. We will process the order after the safty investigation.

  • T/T------ (>100USD)

    Beneficiary  Bank :Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen City Branch
    Account: 6222004000110437126
    Beneficiary: Hu Rong
    Bank Address:Financial Center North Tower No. 5055 Shennan East Road Luohu District Shenzhen  China

    1.  Banks often charge fees for international transfers. You are responsible for your bank's fees. It is important that you ask  your bank exactly how much they will charge you for the transfer, and add this amount to the remitted total. If you do not  add it, the fee will be deducted from the transferred money, and you won't have paid enough for your order. The order will be  not be processed because of this.

    2. If you have already made a bank payment to our ICBC account as described above, please  allow some time for this payment to  go through:
      2-4 working days for the banks to complete the transaction, depending on the banks; 
      1 working day for Tomtop to process your payment and match it to an order;
      You will receive an email from Tomtop to confirm that we have process your order.

  • Western Union------ (>100USD)

    Beneficiary: RongHu
    First Name: Rong
    Last Name: Hu
    Country: China 
    Address: Room 704, 48th Building,1 District ,Shuiweixincun,  Minzhi Street LongHua, Baoan District, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China 
    Note: Please Email your order number, the Western Union MTCN. Total amount,Sender's first and last name.Sender's address and Country.
    Sender's contact phone number to After you send the payment via Western Union. Only when we get this info, we will process your order.


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