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What is Hitobuy’s return process?

Most items within the product warranty can be returned for either refund or replacement. The replacement will be of the same item or another similar product as per our return policy.

The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Process in Three Easy Steps:

1. Obtain the RMA authorization after you submit an RMA request via My Account.

RMA requests should include the following information: Order ID, Item SKU, reason for return (including images), your preference to replace the item or refund your money, and other related concerns.

2. Ship the goods to be returned after you have received the RMA authorization.

Please note that the returned item must be with its original packing and accessories. Use the shipping address provided by the Customer Service Center and include the RMA authorization in the package.

Note: Please provide a tracking number for return shipments. will not take any responsibility for lost or missing return shipments. 

3. Receive the replacement or refund. will arrange for reshipment or refund within 1-3 business days of receiving your returned items.

Can I return products without requesting RMA?

Please do not return any products without first requesting RMA authorization. Should you return an item without requesting RMA authorization beforehand, you will be liable to pay the shipping fees no matter if your item meets the return requirements or not. Furthermore, returns made without prior RMA request take an additional week or longer to process. Please comply with our RMA process so that we can provide you with the best service. 

How do I acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization?

The Return Merchandise Authorization is only for products under the product warranty period. If you need to return an item, please submit your RMA request by visiting RMA Request in My Account. The Customer Service Center will respond within 24 hours. You can review the message in My Account on at any time.

In what circumstances can I submit an RMA request?

1. Please note the following time limits for submitting an RMA request:
 -For wholly or partially missing orders, shipment of wrong order (wrong SKU, color, etc.), or cosmetic defects, the RMA request should be submitted within 3 months of the shipping date . You can find the shipping date by logging on to  and visiting My Account=> Order List.
 -For Customer Return Authorizations (CRA), please submit your RMA request within 3 months of the shipping date. The customer should guarantee that product and accessories are all included and in unused, original condition. The customer will incur all shipping costs in this situation.
 -For functional defects, please submit an RMA request within the warranty period (either 3 months or 6 months from the shipping date, depending on your product). Please contact us if you are unsure whether your product is covered under warranty.

2. An RMA request will be rejected if the validity period for an RMA request has expired. The validity period will expire in the following circumstances: Customer induced damage (CID) which includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by insufficient, incorrect or forceful operation of the product, by failure to observe the operating instructions, by overloading, by chemical or electrolytic action, by the use of spare parts from an outside source, or by any event of force majeure. The validity period will also expire if the product is not sold by Hitobuy.


Can I submit an RMA request if the whole order has not yet been received?

You can submit an RMA request if you have not received your product within 30 days from our delivery. If your order has been received but there are product(s) missing, you received the wrong item or there are damage issues, you can also submit an RMA request. If the estimated time of arrival (ETA) has not yet passed, please contact us via My Message in My Account.

Do I need to pay the shipping cost on returned items?

Yes. Since we do not charge our customers any shipping fee when delivering the shipment, the customer will be held responsible for the return shipping cost.

How much is the shipping cost for returns?

The return shipping fees depend on your local post office. Please contact your local post to inquire on international freight fees .Here are some examples for your reference:



Weight of Package

Mode of Delivery

Freight Cost



Priority Mail





USD $2.3

United States



USD $2.2

United States


USPS / FIRST CLASS AIR MAIL with tracking number. 

USD $8.65




3.2 EUR



Post Eire

4.85 EUR

Is it necessary to return each individual accessory when I return an item?

Yes. All original equipment, components, manuals, cables, documents and packaging must be returned with your item. cannot process RMA returns that are incomplete. In most cases, items sent in for RMA replacement will be replaced with an entirely new product, including any accessories or components. Please return all accessories with your RMA returns.

What should I include in the package with my RMA?

Please include the products you wish to return along with the product return form. Be sure to use the accurate shipping address provided by’s Customer Service Team.

Where should I send my return?

The shipping address will be provided along with the RMA Authorization from Customer Service Representatives.

Is it necessary to offer a tracking number for returned products?

Yes, it is necessary to track the returned product since it is being shipped internationally. will not take responsibility for lost or missing return shipments.

How can I receive the refund?

Since all payments are made through PayPal, we'll refund your payment to your PayPal account. It will be processed within 1-3 business days after clearing your return, at which point you will receive a PayPal confirmation e-mail.
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